Upon Arriving In Scotland, Trump Exposed What Obama & MSM Are Hiding On Russia

Photo credit to US4Trump compilation and courtesty of EuroNews Screen Shot, CNN Screen Shot, NBC Screen Shot.Photo credit to US4Trump compilation and courtesty of EuroNews Screen Shot, CNN Screen Shot, NBC Screen Shot.

Our President’s fingers having been flying over the keyboard! He is on fire all the way from Scotland!

With a time difference of 5 hours ahead of us in the Eastern part of the United States, POTUS still managed to maintain his 6 a.m. tweet schedule! (VIDEO BELOW.) 

Covering an array of subjects, his most enlightening are on Obama, Russia and CNN! 

First, President Trump let us know that he arrived safely in Scotland. He tweeted, “I have arrived in Scotland and will be at Trump Turnberry for two days of meetings, calls and hopefully, some golf – my primary form of exercise!” 

Moreover, POTUS continues with, “The weather is beautiful, and this place is incredible! Tomorrow I go to Helsinki for a Monday meeting with Vladimir Putin.” You have to love the way he talks about his golf game and his meeting with Putin completely antithetical to the leftist media!

Watch the video below as the Scottish spokesman says, “Our relationship with the United States is really important. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Secondly, the President let the American people know, “The stories you heard about the 12 Russians yesterday took place during the Obama Administration, not the Trump Administration. Why didn’t they do something about it, especially when it was reported that President Obama was informed by the FBI in September, before the Election?

Good point POTUS! Everyone heard about the 12 Russians, but very little on the fact that it was Podesta’s password that was breached. Not to mention the bad choices Hillary made of a second illegal server. And, Debbie Wasserman’s bad choice on information technology employees for the DNC. (Continued Below.) 

And, ALL of THAT happened on Obama’s watch – and now we find out – Obama was briefed on it too?

Third, we find out that our POTUS has a tremendous sense of humor!

In case you missed it, click here to watch the video. Specifically though, Acosta was in the press corp upon Trump’s arrival in Britain. And, President Trump hit his message home that CNN really is fake news. Additionally, President Trump left us wondering if Jim Acosta just needs to go back home, because he embarrassed the U.S. overseas!

In a hilarious tweet, Pres Trump comments, “So funny! I just checked out Fake News CNN, for the first time in a long time (they are dying in the ratings), to see if they covered my takedown yesterday of Jim Acosta (actually a nice guy). They didn’t! But they did say I already lost in my meeting with Putin. Fake News……” (Continued below.)

And, the President is right about CNN dying in the ratings. US4Trump reported, “CNN dropped below Fox and MSNBC and they sewed up the 26th spot for the most watched show in quarter two of 2018! Click here for details.”

Lastly, ending on a serious note, POTUS reminds us what Germany did regarding Russia. He tweets, “On top of it all, Germany just started paying Russia, the country they want protection from, Billions of Dollars for their Energy needs coming out of a new pipeline from Russia. Not acceptable! All NATO Nations must meet their 2% commitment, and that must ultimately go to 4%!”


In closing, do you agree that President Trump should continue to tweet, so we get our news from him and not only the skewed leftist media?

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