Putin Comes Forward, What He Says Next Has Dem Heads EXPLODING

Image Source: Video Screen shot. US4Trump.com Compilation

The Democrats heads are exploding right now. The powerful “full scale” meeting between President Trump and President Putin seems to be a complete success!

The meeting between Russia and America in Helsinki, Finland was tremendous and historical. It makes Hillary’s red ‘reset button’ a complete joke at an attempt and truly bringing the two power houses together. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Furthermore, we have the clip of Putin and exactly what he said about the NEW and IMPROVED American government under President Donald J. Trump.

Transcription of Putin’s remarks are courtesy of US4Trump: 

“Once again, President Trump mentioned the issue of the so called interference of Russia in the American elections.

And, I had to reiterate things I’ve said several times… including, during our personal contacts, that the Russian State has not interfered and is not going to interfere into internal American affairs including the election process.

Any specific materials, if such things arise, we are ready to analyze together. For instance, we can analyze them together on the joint working group on cyber security. The establishment of which we discussed during our previous contacts.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

“And clearly, it’s past time we restore cooperation in the cultural area and the humanitarian area.

As far as.. I think you know that we recently hosted the American Congressman delegation. And now it’s perceived as almost an historic event. Although, it should have been just a current affairs. Just a business as usual.

And in this regard, we mentioned this proposal to the President. We have to think about the practicalities of our cooperation, but also involve the rationale. The underlying logic of it.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

“And, we have to engage experts on bilateral relationship. The history and the background of our relationship.

The idea is to create an expert council that would include political scientists, prominent diplomats, and former military experts from both countries- who would look for points of contact between two countries that would look for ways on putting the relationship on the trajectory of growth.” 

In general, we are glad with the outcome of our first full scale meeting because previously we only had a chance to talk briefly on international.

We had a good conversation with President Trump. And, I hope we start to understand each other better. And, I am grateful to Donald for it!

WATCH BELOW as Putin delivers his remarks to the world about the one on one meeting with President Trump. 

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