The Most SURREAL Thing Just Happened Moments After POTUS Compliments The Intelligence Agencies

Image Source: Video screen shot. Compilation

Today, after President Trump arrived from the Helsinki Summit, he held a presser at the White House regarding our Intelligence Agencies.

Incredibly, the most unearthly thing happened. POTUS wanted to make clear that he supports our Intelligence Agencies as he has stated in the past. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Yet, at the exact moment Trump utters the words “I have full faith in our intelligence agencies” all the lights in the room of the White House flicker & turn completely off!

Specifically, when he says the word “faith” the lights begin to go completely dark!

Trump responds “Whoops. They just turned out the lights.” Then to lighten the mood, he quips, “That must be the intelligence agencies.” 

Of course, the press outwardly laughed, perhaps in relief as the lights came back on? (VIDEO BELOW.)

Then our kind-hearted POTUS, who likes to ensure the safety of ALL American’s says after the lights came back on, “Okay, there we go. Are you guys okay?

Moreover, he reacts finally, and says, “That was strange – but that’s okay.

Benny Johnson, with the Daily Caller tweets the fantastic occurrence! And it is certainly something to see! (VIDEO BELOW.)

WATCH as BOOM! out go the lights at the same moment, POTUS says the word “faith”. 

In closing, what do you think of the lights going out? Divine, strange or engineered? Drop your comment below and let us know what you think!

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