Judge Jeanine Will Trigger Obama & Crooked H’s TDS With What She Blasted On TV

Image Source: Video Screen Shots. US4Trump.com Compilation

Friday night in her opening, Judge Jeanine Pirro was on absolute fire and gave democrats a taste of their own medicine.

Her message was about President’s Trump’s success, the booming economy, and the democrat and talking heads who said it would never happen. (Video Below)

Judge Jeanie started her opening explaining how the economy was in the tank, kids were living in their parents basement because they couldn’t find a job, factories were closing down, jobs and manufacturing were being shipped overseas, and trade with China was sucking us dry.

She slammed Obama for calling it a “healthy economy,” adding that there was barely a pulse.

Next, she explained that 1% annual “GDP growth” was the new normal for these bozo’s, under Obama’s watch. Furthermore, reminding her audience that Obama warned that Donald Trump’s election would be an economic disaster for all American’s.

Hilariously she whipped out videos putting Obama and Hillary to shame. (Video Below)

The Judge proceeded to show clips of Obama talking to an audience, during the 2016 Presidential election, where he used his left-wing, fear mongering talking points, trashing then candidate Donald Trump.

Judge Jeanine played a clip of Obama telling the audience, “Some of those jobs of the past are just not going to come back.” Obama continued, “He’s gonna bring all these jobs back [Trump]…. well how exactly are you going to do that? What are you gonna do? There’s no answer to it. I’m gonna negotiate a better deal. How exactly are you gonna do that? What magic wand do you have? And, usually the answer is… you don’t have an answer.

After mocking Obama, she played a clip showing Hillary Clinton trying to convince her audience, during the 2016 presidential election, that a President Donald Trump would crash the economy. Hillary, reading off her script, claimed that economists all around warned, “Trump’s policies would throw us into a recession.” Hillary then added, “He would undermine the growth that we had since the great recession.” (Video Below)

Then, came Mark Cuban, Mitt Romney, and the left-wing headlines who claimed Trump would ruin the country in her video footage.

After showing clips of the smears against candidate Trump, Judge Jeanine pointed out that some are so blinded by their hatred of Donald Trump, that they forget decades of training in their own field.

After displaying the democrat talking points that failed, the Judge praised President Trump for his success of growing jobs, low unemployment, and welfare decreasing.

“The left doesn’t care about our economic success. All they wanna do is make noise, but it’s nothing more than background noise…white-noise.” She said.

“Nobodies paying attention to them!” Judge Jeanine declared.

President Trump’s numbers continue to increase, his popularity keeps going up, even after meeting with President Vladimir Putin. (Video Below)

“When are they [democrats] going to realize that their yelling and screaming is nothing but a distraction?” She asked.

The Judge slammed down her gavel while stressing her point sternly saying, “We care about putting food on the table, paying the rent, the mortgage, and for kids clothing for school. But no! They want to talk about whores and porn-stars, and about a lawyer who they’re squeezing so tight, he’ll confess to sinking the Titanic.”

“And yet, despite the media focused on a ‘whack-a-mole Trump- Russia collusion nonsense,’ and the haters continuing to hate, the outsider President has continued to thunder forward with his ‘America First’ agenda.” She proclaimed.

The Judge closed her statement while putting President Trump on a pedestal for his booming achievements expressing, “And with a kryptonite proof Ora of invisibility, the 45th outsider President, often working without the members of his party, has produced a GPD that no one thought possible, 4.1%!” She added, “We are on track to hit the highest average growth rate in over 13 years!”

Judge Jeanine Will Trigger Obama & Crooked H’s Trump Derangement Syndrome: 

“What do you gotta say to that Barrack, Hillary, and all you geniuses? We’re flying folks! This is the America Donald Trump had in mind when he asked us, ‘what do you have to lose?'” The Judge inquired.

Watch her fiery opening below:


BOOM! A red wave is coming in November.

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