Maria Holds Up The Report That Will DESTROY Swamp Creatures Evil Game Plan

Devin Nunes announces declassification of documents request and blows a hole in dem and media narrative.Devin Nunes announces declassification of documents request and blows a hole in dem and media narrative.

Devin Nunes is up early this morning as he joins Maria Bartiromo on Fox News to discuss the recent report.

In an epic tell-all, Devin shares the dirty little technique the leftist media is using to conspire with the Dems! (VIDEO BELOW.)

Fool us once and it’s on YOU, MSM. Fool us twice and it’s on US!

Maria begins by holding up the FISA report and showing how heavily redacted the document is. Then, she asks Devin to explain why it needs to be DECLASSIFIED.

Devin reminds everyone that he was on Maria’s show in New York previously.

Furthermore, they were discussing how heavily redacted the previous Republican memo report on what Russia was doing in the 2016 election was.

Devin explains that the Public couldn’t really read it and know what was in it. So “while in the mean time, the media was essentially, attacking the Republican’s work.”

Basically, because of all the redactions in the Republican report that was damaging to the left, they were going around saying the opposite of what was in it.

Does everyone remember that? Then, Mueller indicts 12 Russians with the same Republican report the left and media said was inaccurate! (VIDEO BELOW.)

Now, it’s the same dirty little trick the leftist media and the Dems are trying to pull.

The media tries to pull the wool over America’s eyes..again.

Devin says, “Now here you have another situation with the FISA. Where we’ve fought so hard to make sure the public has understood. That Clinton paid for dirt was used to get a warrant to spy on an American citizen using our secret counter intelligence capabilities in this Country.”

About 70-75% of the FISA is redacted, Devin tells us. And he qualifies by saying very heartfelt, “We’re glad this came out for the Public to see. But at the same time, there’s so much that’s redacted, Maria.” Maria concurs with him.

Nunes continues, “We were exonerated once this came out. Because we had put out a memo where we had said that this dossier – this dirt was used to get a FISA warrant. We were exhonerated last weekend.

“But, now, if you look at what they were saying,” Nunes says launching into his best impression of a leftist media type whispering under the table, “oh but the really juicy…that really proves collusion and how bad Carter page really was and how they were colluding with the Russians. THAT’S what’s redacted.”

Nunes reminds everyone that was news cycle for about 48 hours. The he adds, “but once the left and the media found out that the house Republican’s on the intelligence committee had asked back in June for the president to declassify up to 20 pages…you hear CRICKETS. You hear NOTHING. You don’t hear them. They don’t want that unredacted. They don’t want transparency for the American people.” 

In ending, Devin updates us that the President has the letter, the lawyers are all looking at it to see if it can be released rather quickly. The reason it needs to be released quickly Devin says is the reason they are slow walking.

Devin says WHY they are stalling. It’s because if the Democrats can take the House and Senate in 2018 mid terms…then they whole thing will be squashed and buried. And we will never know the truth. 

“There’s a stall game going on at DOJ and FBI – they’re trying to stall as much they can hoping and betting that Republicans would lose the House in the fall.”

In ending, the bottom line is…if Republican’s get out and vote in the 2018 midterms then perhaps justice can be served. Where truth will hit the sunlight about the report and not be buried in a dark closet. Are you willing to do your part?

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