Mike Huckabee Destroys California Immigration Policy With One EPIC Throwdown

Huckabee tweets on immigration. Photo credit to US4Trump with Pinterest and screen capture enhancements.Huckabee tweets on immigration. Photo credit to US4Trump with Pinterest and screen capture enhancements.

Gov. Mike Huckabee made a tweet that is so hilarious, yet right on the target  – he made liberal heads explode!

Huckabee tweets about the dangerous California immigration law which protects illegal’s as if they have civil rights.

Huckabee’s tweet is dripping in light-hearted fun at the relaxed California laws which held in court earlier this month.

Specifically, Time reports, “Judge John Mendez refused to block a law requiring the state to review detention facilities where immigrants are held and another that prevents local law enforcement from providing release dates and personal information on jail inmates.”

Furthermore the Judge, “said California could not enforce a third law that prohibits employers from allowing immigration officials on their premises unless the officials have a warrant.”

Read what Gov. Mike Huckabee tweets in an epic joke on California immigration policy! 

Tweet below:

“I was just placed on a flight out of the country. I’m being deported tonight by ICE! Didn’t know a citizen could be. Not worried though. I’ll lay low for a few days overseas and come back in through CA. They won’t check me and heck they will even let me vote!” 

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