Bill O’Reilly Unveils Obama’s Dirty Deed The Media Is Working Overtime To Hide

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Bill O’Reilly knows a thing or two about tactics used by the media to protect and push the liberal agenda while doing everything they can to attack and suppress conservative ideology.

According to O’Reilly’s latest statement, the media is willing to go all-in with their dirty tricks to take down Trump no matter how much proof there is on his innocence. And on the flip side, they’re willing protect Obama & his former administration despite all of the evidence of wrongdoing. But there is one specific scandal that O’Reilly believes mainstream news is working extra hard to keep covered up.

In a recent statement, O’Reilly put into words what Trump supporters have noticed since Trump became President. And how the President gets constant negative treatment, while the media turns a blind eye to Obama’s misdeeds.

O’Reilly writes:

“The war between the press and President Trump continues in a fierce way. Mr. Trump calling the media “the enemy of the people” because he believes distorted information about his administration is out of control.” 

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O’Reilly continued:

What exactly is Donald Trump supposed to do when the press has openly positioned itself to remove him from office? The term fighting fire with fire applies here.”

And then O’Reilly dropped a bomb when he said:

“It has now become clear that the Obama administration was surveilling the Trump campaign and used highly questionable means to do that. That is an enormous story. Is the national press aggressively pursuing that situation?” See Below

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No one could have said it better!

In ending, do you think the media’s unfair treatment of Trump and constant covering for Obama will ultimately come back to bite them? Scroll down below and let us know what you think and please SHARE since conservative news is being suppressed.

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