James Woods Lights The Torch After Dropping A Pair Of Doozies On Mueller & The Establishment

Image Source: Video Screen Shots & Talking Points Memo. US4Trump.com Compilation

Conservative actor and patriot James Woods calls it like he see’s it in the political spectrum.

He isn’t afraid to speak out and stand up for the truth that is being buried deep in the swamp, unlike many of his fellow left-leaning, anti-Trump, Hollywood nobodies.

Woods takes to Twitter slapping down democrats faster than you can say, “Lock Her Up!”

With his genius truth bombs, woods sets the record straight once again asking a pair of questions directed to lawmakers on both sides of the isle.

He additionally answered a question from one of his followers on Twitter, about a possible run for office.

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James Woods tweeted, “The Republicans have done more to damage what this President is trying to accomplish than the #Democrats have quite frankly. #Republicans currently control all three branches of government and can’t pass a simple bill requiring FREE government identification to vote? #VoterID”

Then Woods asked, “This question is so obvious, it’s almost never posed, nor certainly ever answered in any sober fashion: why is Special Counsel Robert #Mueller not investigating any #Democrat malfeasance during the run up to the 2016 presidential election?”

And, while responding to a question from one of his followers whether his account is real, or if Woods would run for office, he replied, “Yes, it is I. No, I would never run for office. I’d rather eat rusty razor blades than run for political office in present day America.” (Continued Below)

James Woods’ Official Tweets:

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James Woods asks two questions that many of us want to know the answers to.

The President, on many occasions, has reiterated the fact that the investigation being run by Robert Mueller is a ‘Witch Hunt,’ and he’s pointed out the real crimes committed from Obama, Hillary Clinton, and their minions.

And while Mueller continues his phony Witch Hunting, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is in the spot light again, being questioned by President Trump for letting it all carry on.

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Additionally, we are seeing establishment RINO’s who can’t pass a bill requiring FREE government identification to vote. Wouldn’t this be helpful in the elections stopping voter fraud? This should outrage all Americans.

Are you ready to see the Witch Hunt end? And, would you like to see all Republican lawmakers standing alongside Trump’s agenda- doing what we voted them to do? Are you sad to know James Woods won’t be running for election anytime soon?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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