Newt Gingrich Draws Up A Game Plan That’ll Send Dems Packing In November

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The midterms are only weeks away and the stakes have never been higher!

With a clip taken from his appearance on Fox News, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich gave his take on why and how Republicans can win by a huge margin in November’s crucial midterms. Video Below

Trump’s Presidency has been a success thus far, despite what Democrats and their media propaganda arm want Americans to think. And if playing their cards right with the success Trump has brought, Republicans will annihilate Dems at the polling booth, according to Newt.

In his video clip he tweeted out, Gingrich discussed the “two-universe fight on the nature of America” that we are now caught in the middle of.

Newt said, “The left would like Paul Manafort and all of these legal things to be the deciding factor in September and October.”

He also stressed how Democrats have brought America nothing but opposition to the positive change that Trump and Republicans have brought. (Video Below)

According to Newt, Republicans have made a real difference, bringing the lowest black unemployment in American history, lowest Latino unemployment in American history and over 4% real growth, wages going up and bad policies being thrown out.

Newt said, “We want to have a debate in which our universe is a universe of real accomplishments. And their universe is a universe of essentially trying to block everything.”

And if that can be communicated effectively, Gingrich believes Republicans will win by a “huge margin” in November. (Video Below)

Newt Gingrich Explains How Republicans Can Win Big In November

The wise words of Newt Gingrich hit home again!

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In ending, do you think Republicans will defy the media’s predictions and come out on top in November? Scroll down below and let us know what you think!

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