Swamp Rats Are Shaking More Than Ever After What Sara Carter & Co. Unleashed On Them

Sara A. Carter joins Steve Hilton on Fox News with Lisa Boothe and Charlie Kirk Photo credit to US4Trump compilation with screen captures.Sara A. Carter joins Steve Hilton on Fox News with Lisa Boothe and Charlie Kirk Photo credit to US4Trump compilation with screen captures.

Sara A. Carter joined Steve Hilton on Fox NewsThe Next Revolution this weekend. In an informative interview, Sara discussed the two tiered justice system, the Clinton Foundation investigation and WHY the bureaucracy are shaking in their boots.

Additionally, Steve invited Charlie Kirk Founder of Turning Point and Lisa Boothe a Fox News contributor and Senior Fellow and head of the Independent Women’s Voice.

In this powerful segment, they discussed the two tiered justice system, the Clinton Foundation, Ponzi schemes among lobbyist and what the Deep State fears the most.


Steve questioned the “equal justice or the lack of it.” He then used John Podesta as an example during the Manafort trial.

Sara confirmed that John Podesta, former Hillary Clinton campaign manager was given immunity “if he testifies against Manafort.”


“The Clinton Foundation is actually under investigation by the FBI right now,” Sara reminds Steve and America.

Furthermore, Sara stated that she “absolutely do believe it’s going to go somewhere” because “it was Hillary Clinton and the DNC who actually paid for the dossier to a foreign spy”

Sara tells Steve that there is information on Haiti and money moved into the Clinton Foundation.

She said, “As much good as SOME parts of the Clinton Foundation have done, I think there’s a lot that needs to be investigated and exposed.”


In a brilliant assessment, Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point said, “They [the Deep State] are trying to undo the results of a rightful election.”

He said “It’s more than just the lobbyist,” and explained that the wealthiest counties in America are now “concentrated in the counties surrounding Washington D.C.”

“Eight out of the ten wealthiest counties are around D.C. – what do they produce? Do they make cars? Do they make financial deals? Are they silicon valley?” Kirk mused.

Then Charlie names it. “No. It’s croney deals. It’s like the worse brokerage Ponzi scheme you could ever imagine. Send us your money. We will send you back none of it. And then we get richer ourselves.”

“And this is why Donald Trump won. But they’re angry,” Charlie told the panel.

“They truly believe we should live in a bifurcated society. Where we should have a different set of rules if you’re well-connected, if you know the right Senators and you have access to the Deep State,” Charlie Kirk concluded.


Steve defined the ‘Deep State” in professional terms. He said it’s “the bureaucracy that we refer to as the “deep state” – the bureaucracy that’s become a permanent institutions of government.”

He told Sara, “You’ve done stunning work regarding that,” then asked, “are they salivating now that they think they’ve got the President or are they still nervous that they won’t be able to pin it all down?”

Sara responded, “Look, I think they are a little bit nervous. Look what happened today with Lanny Davis, Michael Cohen’s attorney. He had to walk back his statements that Michael Cohen has information about President Trump and the Russians. Now he came out and said, ‘Well , I shouldn’t have said that.’ We really don’t have that kind of information.”

“The Deep State is still shaking,” said Carter.

“They’re concerned. They wouldn’t be fighting back so hard. They wouldn’t be tweeting out these tweets from John Breenan. And, you know, Michael Hayden. And I am talking about both the left and right. They wouldn’t be attacking so viciously if they weren’t afraid.” 


In ending, do you think the Clinton Foundation should continue to be investigated?

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