After The Hearing, Issa Catches Ohr’s Fellow Henchmen Off Guard As He Reveals The Next Move

Issa revealed the Bruce Ohr session to Fox News. Photo credit to US4Trump compilation with Fox Screen Grab, EPA, Misc Screen Grabs.Rep. Issa revealed the Bruce Ohr session to Fox News. Photo credit to US4Trump compilation with Fox Screen Grab, EPA, Misc Screen Grabs.

Tuesday, Buce Ohr was questioned by the dual congressional intelligence committees on Capitol Hill in a closed-door session.

Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) joined Fox News and shared what he was able to tell about the embattled former Department of Justice employee’s deposition. (VIDEO BELOW.)

The Democrats are itching to know what Ohr said!

After exiting the brutal questioning, Rep Issa said, “Bruce Ohr is creating a link for us between people who as earlier [were] said to have animus. Who were, in fact, desperate to stop candidate Trump from being President Trump. Both before and after he became the President Elect.”

Issa continued, “and although Bruce Ohr would claim to be without partisan. His wife, since 2015 – knowingly worked on the ‘buying dirt on Trump’ to try to make this connection with the Russians for which he was PAID. And, he didn’t properly disclose.”

However, what he said to us today – that I think is critical – is he did disclose this…. he said to FBI agents officials and he named names. And, THAT then never ended up getting back to the Department of Justice, to his boss – apparently,” Issa told America.

Bruce Ohr threw his bosses under the bus. (VIDEO BELOW.)

“And certainly not into these FISA warrants which were only justified to tap on behalf of the Government. Effectively, the Trump campaign. And then the Trump Operation by not making them aware of things. Which in fact, Bruce Ohr now tells us – he DID make people aware of,” Issa said.

Who did Bruce tell in the DOJ and FBI? Who covered it up?

Loretta Lynch was the acting Attorney General during Ohr’s outlandish behavior in the Department of Justice during Obama’s administration.

Issa said, “Bruce has a poor memory.” Issa explained that when asked a question then reminded of the incident then “he’s been candid.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Issa told America, “Before the election our government was involved in ‘Operation Research’ AGAINST candidate Trump. After the election, the famous ‘insurance policy’ went into effect,” which “clearly led to the special prosecutor and the investigation we are now seeing.”

The NEXT step:

Because of “ALL the lies the American people and Congress have been told,” the Congressional committees will have to pour through documents to figure out the TRUTH.

Earlier today, Catherine Herridge, pointed out that there is a conflict between what Ohr has said and what the President of Fusion GPS, Simpson has said.

Additionally, Issa tells us that there is also conflict between the Ohr testimony and the Lisa Page testimony.

Issa said, “Which one of them is willing to change their story or face perjury?”

WATCH FULL exit interview below: 


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