Email Log Puts Crooked H Allies Fingerprints All Over The Russian Collusion Cookie Jar

Email logs are definitive proof. Photo credit to US4Trump enhanced compilation with video screen shots.Email logs are definitive proof. Photo credit to US4Trump enhanced compilation with video screen shots.

Oh the joys of an email log! Crooked Hillary Clinton and her campaign are busted trying to steal a chocolate chip cookie.

Specifically, if the chocolate chip cookie were the attempted set-up of the Trump Tower meeting with the Russians.

Oh what a tangled web they weave once they practice to deceive.

A big American hat tip goes to Brietbart News for following the email release from January.

The emails which were provided to the congressional judiciary committees were reviewed by Brietbart. They discovered, “Attorney Edward Lieberman, whose late wife Evelyn served as Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff. Exchanged numerous emails with the co-founder of the controversial Fusion GPS firm. And Russian participants in the infamous June 9, 2016, Trump Tower meeting.”

Specifically, the ties to Russia on the Hillary side are so entangled you almost need an organizational chart to clearly see all of the lines drawn to one another.

Basically, we have a Trump Tower meeting set-up by a Russian attorney saying it was about adoption. A plan created to ensnare the Trump campaign.

This is all confirmed via the email log.

In the email logs, you have dinners and drinks. Moreover, a meeting the same day as the Trump Tower meeting with Lieberman and the Russians. All of this, on Hillary’s side.

“Earlier this week, Breitbart News cited witness testimony saying Lieberman was present at one and possibly two dinner meetings between the controversial Fusion GPS firm and key participants in the infamous June 2016 Trump Tower meeting. Also, Lieberman met with one Russian participant the same day of the Trump Tower meeting, according to separate testimony.”

Additionally, Brietbart reported, “Simpson and Fusion GPS were hired by BakerHostetler, which represented the Russian firm Prevezon, to do opposition work targeting British financier Bill Browder.” (More below.)

“Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, who countered the Magnitsky Act, was an attorney for Prevezon and led the Trump Tower meeting along with Akhmetshin,” Brietbart said.

Specifically, “the log shows the emails in question were sent between Lieberman, Simpson, and Russian-born Washington lobbyist Rinat Akhmetshin, who was present at the Trump Tower presentation,” Brietbart reported.

“Most of the email logs provided to the committee were sent between May 13, 2016, and May 20, 2016. Ending just twenty days before the Trump Tower get-together. The email logs resume again in October 2016, with no logs provided for the key days before or after the Trump Tower meeting,” reported Brietbart.

To read the Brietbart article in full, click here.

The email log.

Image Log 1 courtesy of Brietbart News.

Image Log 1 courtesy of Brietbart News.

Image Log 2 courtesy of Brietbart News.

Image Log 2 courtesy of Brietbart News.

Who is Lieberman and how did his wife die?

The Boston Globe from December 2015 said, “Evelyn Lieberman, who as the first woman to serve as deputy chief of staff to a president grew concerned about the behavior of the junior aide Monica S. Lewinsky around Bill Clinton and banished her to a job outside the White House, died on Saturday in Washington. She was 71.”

“Her husband, Edward, said she had pancreatic cancer,” the Boston Globe reported in 2015. (Continued below.)

The Lieberman’s have been cleaning up behind the Clinton’s for a while. The Boston Globe reported:

“In April 1996, some months after the Clinton-Lewinsky relationship had begun but nearly two years before the scandal broke, Ms. Lieberman, then deputy for operations to the chief of staff, Leon E. Panetta, transferred Lewinsky, a onetime intern, to the Pentagon from her job in the White House Office of Legislative Affairs.

According to the report issued by Kenneth W. Starr, the independent counsel in the case, Ms. Lieberman testified before a special grand jury on Jan. 30, 1998, that Lewinsky had displayed “immature and inappropriate behavior,” was “spending too much time around the West Wing,” and was “always someplace she shouldn’t be.” (More below.)

“I decided to get rid of her” because of “the appearance that it was creating,” the Starr report quoted Ms. Lieberman as saying.”

In ending, today, Mr. Lieberman is knee-deep in the Russian muck with Hillary. And his hand was caught squarely in the Russian collusion cookie jar.

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