Gregg Jarrett Blows The FISA Whistle, Sends Sessions Sleepwalking Out Of The DOJ

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Days are looking grim for Attorney General Jeff Sessions, as more and more information continues to pour out.

And now, with Judicial Watch’s latest FISA discovery, Gregg Jarrett believes the final nail may have just been hammered in the coffin for Sessions tenure at the Department of Justice. Video Below

In recent court filing, Judicial Watch obtained information that shows no FISA court hearings took place regarding the surveillance of President Trump’s campaign.

And as a result, Gregg said in a recent interview with FOX News that there is now enough documentation to hold DOJ and FBI officials in contempt.

Jarrett has stated in recent days that the right thing for Sessions to do is resign after being called out by the President on multiple occasions. Continued Below

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But now, in wake of the latest FISA descovery, Jarrett is upping the ante and suggests that Sessions will be fired following the midterms. Video Below

Jarrett said, “I think after the election, Jeff Sessions will be fired.”

He opened up on who he thinks should replace Sessions as he said, “I would select somebody like John Ratcliffe to replace him.”

Video Below

Gregg Jarrett Sounds Off On The Implications Of The Latest FISA Developments (Video)

Jarrett’s latest comments echo what many Trump supporters in conjunction with the President are thinking.

And him mentioning someone like John Ratcliffe could be exactly who Trump needs to appoint. Especially since Ratcliffe has no attachments to President Trump’s 2016 campaign and won’t have pressure to recuse himself as Sessions did. Ratcliffe is also everything opposite of a swamp figure as he seeks to expose their crooked behavior day after day.

What do you think about Gregg Jarrett’s comments? Should Sessions be fired and if so, who do you think should replace him? Scroll down below and let us know!

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