OWNED: Eminem Gets Destroyed After Calling Trump An ‘Evil Serpent’

Eminem attacks the President in his lyrics on newly released album that no-one is buying. Photo credit to US4Trump with screen grabs.Eminem attacks the President in his lyrics on newly released album that no-one is buying. Photo credit to US4Trump with screen grabs.

Marshall Bruce Mathers III or better known as 45-year-old rapper Eminem (sounds like M&M), trashed the President of the United States of America in his latest album.

Eminem saw his best year in 2000 – almost two decades ago – when he won “best-selling artist,” and has attempted to make a comeback ever since.

Rapper refers to President Trump as an EVIL SERPENT in his rap lyrics.

And now, to peddle his music, he must resort to insulting the President in order to be noticed. And sell his new album, of course.

Brietbart reported the offensive lyrics which are, “I empathize with the people this evil serpent sold the dream to that he’s deserted,” Eminem raps on his new album “Kamikaze,” a shot at President Trump.”

Of course, Eminem isn’t the first failing minor celebrity who tried to use the President to boost their sagging name recognition. Who can forget Kathy Griffin and the severed head grotesqueness?

And if rappers want to own the mind share of people who want to hate their President, then sadly, it’s up to the those who buy his music to put an end to the nonsense.

The solution is simple, don’t buy his new release…it appears no-one else is either.

Naturally, it did not take the patriotic crew in the twitterverse long to tweet back to Enimem and defend our President.

In no uncertain terms – they let him know – so he fully understands that attacking the President is an unwise decision for his precious record sales.

The entire album is most likely engineered to boost his already sagging sales. 

Below are a handful of our favorite responses from the twitterverse as the OWN Eminem. And the last one….says it ALL!

See tweets below: 

Specifically, this tweet points out his lyrics where people began to question if killed his own mother.

Additionally, in 2008, his mother had to step in and clear that fiasco up on MTV.

Rapping about killing your mother seems more like an “evil serpent” rather than the great economic success President Trump has bestowed upon the every day American people.

Tweets are continued below: 

In ending, are you amazed at the failing stars who try to use our President to help their own reputations by bashing him?

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