After Being Told To Recuse Himself, Kavanaugh Flies Booker Back To The Cuckoo Nest

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Thursday, during the confirmation hearing of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, he was met with insanity and Trump Derangement Syndrome from democratic Senators grandstanding for their 2020 presidential candidate run.

Not only does Judge Kavanaugh have a brilliant mind, but he knows how to outsmart the democrats at their own childish games. (Video Below)

Thursday morning after the confirmation hearing started for Judge Kavanaugh, Cory Booker, in the most arrogant, ill-advised move ever made by a democratic senator – PURPOSEFULLY VIOLATED SENATE RULES.

Booker, knowingly and willingly broke Senate committee rules. In a stunningly narcissistic move he said, “I am releasing committee confidential documents.”

The New Jersey democrat posted Kavanaugh’s committee documents on racial profiling for the public because he thought they were “unclassified.”(RELATED ARTICLE: After Booker Leaks Kavanaugh Emails, Cornyn & Scalise Rip Him A New One)

In doing so, he called himself “Spartacus,” but, it turns out- it was a big fat nothing burger as the documents were already released. (Video Below)

After Booker’s failed attempt to try and embarrass Kavanaugh, he went in for round two asking baited questions while trying to push the Judge to flip on President Trump.

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Booker asked Kavanaugh if he had great respect for President Trump but his response left Booker triggered. (Video Below)

After Being Told To Recuse Himself, Kavanaugh Flies Booker Back To The Cuckoo Nest

Next, he asked the Judge what kind of loyalty does he owe the President if confirmed while calling President Trump a liar, and if he’d recuse himself from cases involving the presidency.

Booker also suggested that President Trump was using Kavanaugh to protect the President from a criminal investigation.

Kavanaugh didn’t take the bait and shot him down with four points. (Video Below)

He told Booker that his only loyalty is to the constitution, then reminding him a sitting President cannot be indited while still in office.

He continued by telling Booker that he hasn’t taken a position on the constitutionality, promised he had an open mind, and he draws a distinction between what Congress does and what the Constitution requires.

Not exactly what Corey was hoping for. It was a bad day for Booker.

WATCH Kavanaugh slap down Booker below:


Are you ready to see Judge Brett Kavanaugh confirmed? And, do you think Cory Booker needs to give it up? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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