Gold Star Wife Gives Nike & Colin Kaepernick A Challenge For The Ages

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Gold Star wife Brittany Jacobs lost her husband, Marine Corps Sergeant Christopher Jacobs, in a training accident in 2011. In 2017 her son Christian was famously photographed with President Trump in Arlington while visiting Christopher at his plot in the cemetery.

Brittany and her son Christian know first-hand what it’s like for someone to sacrifice everything, including their life, for their country. So much, that Brittany is giving Nike and Colin Kaepernick a challenge following Nike’s decision to move forward with an ad that features the disgraced former NFL quarterback.

On Sunday, Brittany was on Fox & Friends and sounded off on Kaepernick’s new Nike ad that says “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.”

The ad hit home to the Gold Star wife, but not in a positive way. And now she is challenging Nike and Kaepernick to see first-hand what sacrificing everything is really all about.

But first, Jacobs vented what upset her so much about Nike’s new ad.

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In regards to Nike’s Kaepernick ad, Jacobs said: “To me it’s upsetting. This is a man who knelt before the flag that my husband and that me and my son we love, it’s so dear to us. My husband did sacrifice absolutely everything for the flag, for the country and for all that it stood for. To see someone who knelt before it be able to say that he sacrificed everything, it’s hard. It’s sad. It’s not right.”

She continued: “They could have chosen anyone and they chose a person who disrespected the flag. If they could look at my son for a moment, look at his eyes, they would see a dear sacrifice. There’s so many great men and women in this country who have sacrificed everything. And Colin Kaepernick…he’s not one of them.”

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Gold Star Wife Brittany Jacobs Vents Her Frustration With Nike’s New Kaepernick Ad

Jacobs then gave Nike the ultimate challenge that will open their eyes if they take her up on it, as she said:

“I personally would like to invite Nike and Colin Kaepernick to meet me and my son at Arlington National Cemetery and see what a true sacrifice is, see what it is like to sacrifice everything for something that you believe in. And then they can personally look in the eyes of my son and see what a dear sacrifice was made.”

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Nike And Colin Kaepernick Get Challenged By Gold Star Wife

Wow! What a powerful statement!

Nike was brave enough to support running an ad featuring a controversial figure like Kaepernick. But do you think Nike and Kaepernick are brave enough to take Brittany up on her challenge?

We aren’t going to hold our breath for it to happen, but shouldn’t they man up and JUST DO IT? Scroll down below and tell us what you think!