HAMMERED: Bob Goodlatte Breaks Open The DOJ & FBI Stone Wall With A Crucial Demand

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Like many Republicans, Congressman Bob Goodlatte wants to get to the bottom of the scandals involving the DOJ and FBI’s spying on the Trump campaign. Especially after hearing what Bruce Ohr disclosed in his testimony.

And on Sunday, Goodlatte faced the nation alongside Maria Bartiromo to disclose what the next step is to get to the truth. Video Below

Earlier this week, 12 congressman faced the press in a joint effort and demanded President Trump declassify several pages of documents that the FBI and DOJ are stonewalling Congress from getting.

It’s a move that, if carried out, would bring forth many of the answers Congress is looking for in regards to alleged FISA abuse and the handling of Hillary Clinton’s email investigation.

For the first time, Goodlatte could be heard backing fellow congressmen’s calls on the President to intervene. Goodlatte said:

“We interviewed a number of key witnesses including Bruce Ohr and now we are proceeding to get additional documents from the FBI and line up additional witnesses. But I also agree with those members who have called upon the president to declassify the documents that are necessary for the American people to what was going on in 2016 and early 2017 regarding the disparate way the FBI handled these two major investigations, one involving Hillary Clinton, the other involving the Trump campaign. It truly is stunning.” Continued Below

Goodlatte then went even further and told Maria that DOJ should appoint a special counsel, which has been demanded quite some time.

Goodlatte said, “It would also help greatly if the Justice Department would appoint a special counsel. We’ve been calling for that for over a year now. And it’s my hope they’ll see the wisdom in doing that.”

Goodlatte revealed plans on bringing in key people like Loretta Lynch, Jim Comey, Sally Yates and even Nellie Ohr in for questioning. And if they don’t submit to their request, they will be subpoenaed. Video Below

Bob Goodlatte Voices Support For President To Intervene And Calls For A Second Special Counsel

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In ending, do you think the President should intervene and bypass the DOJ’s stone wall by declassifying the documents Congressmen are demanding? And do you think there should be a second special counsel? Scroll down below and let us know!

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