Trump Foils Schumer’s Shady Obstruction Plot That Chucky Can’t Deny

President tweeted about the Democratic Obstruction. Photo credit to US4Trump with (L) Screen Grab, (R) Wikimedia.President tweeted about the Democratic Obstruction. Photo credit to US4Trump with (L) Screen Grab, (R) Wikimedia.

President Trump is speaking out on more of the Democrat obstruction and ringleader Chuck Schumer.

Senate Minority Leader Schumer is holding up appointments and President Trump has had enough! (VIDEO BELOW.)

Democrat D.C. games that do NOT help the American people.

In March, CSPAN reported that the Democrats were obstructing the Trump administration’s appointments.

Marc Short joined Press Secretary Sanders that day and told America about “the historic obstruction that we have faced by Senator Schumer and Senate Democrats in confirming our nominees to enable us to fill out our White House.”

Apparently, the Democrats continued to obstruct appointments into the Government. All of it – at the peril of the American people.

President Trump tweeted about the obstruction. (VIDEO BELOW.) 

President Trump’s tweet about Democrat Obstruction.

He said, “Chuck Schumer is holding up 320 appointments (Ambassadors, Executives, etc.) of great people who have left jobs and given up so much in order to come into Government. Schumer and the Democrats continue to OBSTRUCT!” 

During the presser held in March, Marc Short explained what was happening in the Senate. Chuck Schumer was ringleading ‘cloture votes’.

Basically, a cloture vote is when a nominee is held up with endless talk instead of actually voting on the nomination and getting them into their position. (VIDEO BELOW.)

CSPAN noted that Short said, “in the past four administrations combined — the last four administrations — the Senate had conducted 17 cloture votes combined; cloture vote, in essence, being a filibuster on a nominee.” 

Marc further explained, “Seventeen cloture votes in the last four administrations combined, at this point. Today, the Senate has had 79 cloture votes in the first 14 months of our administration.

WATCH the video below from CSPAN.

See President Trump’s tweet below: 

In closing, if you would like to the see the Democrats STOP their obstruction, then let’s help President Trump out and contact Chuck Schumer’s office at (202) 224-6542.

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