Dershowitz Vents Out The Most Troubling Aspect Of New Strzok Texts & It’s Scary

Dershowitz calls out newly released Strzok/Page texts. Photo credit to US4Trump compilation with screen shots.Dershowitz calls out newly released Strzok/Page texts. Photo credit to US4Trump compilation with screen shots.

Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz and self-professed democrat joined Tucker Carlson for his take on the newly released Strzok/Page texts.

During the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” show, Dershowitz lays down the law and what needs to happen next. (Video below.)

Precedence on a leaky Government faucet.

Dershowitz talked about how former President J. Edgar Hoover “lived by leaking.”

He told Tucker that Edgar would leak information on opponents “even about their sex lives and about their private lives.”

Dershowitz expounded and said, “It was wrong THEN. And it’s WRONG now!” (Video below.)

Specifically, the law professor said, “and when an FBI agent or a prosecutor leaks grand jury material it’s CRIMINAL.”  

What we need now is an objective investigation by the Inspector General by the Office of Professional Responsibility into these leaks. And into what was meant by the email that said ‘we have a leak strategy’.” 

BOOM! (Video below.)

Dershowitz further explained that Strzok’s lawyer said they were talking about STOPPING leaks not that they were discussing leaking.

Good try but Dershowitz doesn’t think that makes sense!

The Harvard Law Professor said that FBI Agent Peter Strzok’s claim that his 2016 reference to a “leak strategy” meant he wanted to prevent bureau leaks “doesn’t pass the giggle test.”

WATCH as Dershowtiz calls for an investigation into the FBI Media LEAKS.

Also – WATCH as Tucker makes the point that “This is a betrayal of constitutional order and of democracy itself.”


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