While Being Interviewed, Tucker’s Team Plants A Trick That Avenatti Didn’t See Coming

Tucker Screen Grabs

On Thursday, the lawyer for porn star Stormy Daniels, Michael Avenatti, appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight in what was a rare occurence. His appearance came on the brink of him flirting with a potential 2020 Presidential run.

The lawyer has declined several invites to appear on Tucker’s show in the past, but agreed to face the Fox News host this one time, but under two conditions.

For one, Tucker had to give Avenatti significant time to respond to questions. Secondly, Tucker was not allowed to call Avenatti by the nickname he came up for him, which is “Creepy Porn Lawyer.”

Carlson drew heat from the left when he nicknamed the Avenatti “Creepy Porn Lawyer” in a prior program and cited the attorney’s “eyes are too close together.”

And although Carlson stuck to his word throughout much of the interview by not calling him “Creepy Porn Attorney,” his team indirectly did so with a tag that appeared at the bottom of the screen.

See Below

Throughout the interview, the caption at the bottom screen changed, all with some reference to “Creepy Porn Lawyer” in it.

Here are the 6 different captions we noticed throughout the interview:

* Creepy Porn Lawyer Talks Presidential Run
* Creepy Porn Lawyer Toying With 2020 Run
* Does America Want Creepy Porn Lawyer As Pres?
* Stormy’s Lawyer As Creepy Porn President?
* Tucker Takes On Creepy Porn Lawyer
* CPL Finally Agrees To Interview With Tucker


Tucker Trolls Avenatti With Creepy Porn Lawyer Tags During Interview (Video)

Whoa! Talk about an ultimate troll job!

In ending, do you think Avenatti, or as Tucker calls him “Creepy Porn Lawyer” has a shot at defeating President Trump in 2020? Scroll down below and let us know what you think!

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