Levin Rings The Alarm, Issues A Sheer Warning To Trump On The Rosenstein Piece

Mark Levin responded to New York Times Rosenstein article. Photo credit to US4Trump compilation with screen grabs.Mark Levin responded to New York Times Rosenstein article. Photo credit to US4Trump compilation with screen grabs.

The “Deep State” are getting super sloppy with their tactics. And Mark Levin, constitutional law expert and conservative radio host calls them out on their obvious ploy.

Levin put his detective hat on and figured out the dumb plan the democrats hatched to set the President up. In the event the Democrats win the House and Senate during the Midterm elections on November 6th, then they have fodder for impeachment.  (VIDEO BELOW.)

Mark Levin warns the President not to fall for the NYT Rosenstein Trap.

Levin first discussed the New York Times article entitled “Rod Rosenstein Suggested Secretly Recording Trump and Discussed 25th Amendment.” 

First, Levin told his audience that the article stated that Rosenstein invoked the 25th amendment to remove President Trump from office for being unfit.

Mark shared that he heard that Rosenstein was being sarcastic. That he was responding to McCabe in a sarcastic manner.

Andrew McCabe, fired former FBI Deputy Director,  is currently under Grand Jury investigation. And will possibly be indicted soon. (VIDEO BELOW.)

So why did the NYT print this article right now?

Mark mentioned that the article was leaked to the New York Times by the Special Counsel team since they are the ones who have the McCabe notes which the article is based upon.

Levin said, “I will tell you one of the reasons I think it’s going on.”

Because McCabe and the others want this President NOW to fire Rosenstein. Not after the election. But NOW,” Levin said.  (VIDEO BELOW.)

It’s all about the optics and the democrats master playbook plan for the midterm election.

And they think we’re so STUPID. We conservatives, that we will be pressing the President immediately based on McCabe’s leaks of his self serving memo,” Levin railed.

They think we’re going to take the BAIT. They think we’re gonna bite the hook and demand that the President immediately fire Rosenstein,” Levin continued.

Then sarcastically, Levin said, “After all – LOOK what the New York Times says (which, of course can’t be trusted).” Furthermore he continued, “LOOK what the McCabe memo says (which, of course can’t be trusted),” he added.

Mark then leveled the Democrats and their lame ploy, he said “So, the President must fire Rosenstein immediately! Especially before the midterm elections. Which would ensure you would elect 70 more Democrats! And ensure the President’s impeachment.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

BOOM! WATCH as Mark exposed the Democrats and their sloppy midterm maneuver.  


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