Ford Is Asked WHO Paid For The Polygraph, What Happens Next Left Senators Speechless

Image Source: Video Screen Shot. Compilation

Thursday, Christine Blasey Ford testified during the Senate Judiciary committee, and some of her answers seem off and politically motivated.

One answer she gave was quite stunning in relation to the polygraph test she took. (Video Below)

During the hearing as Christine Ford was testifying, there were many gaps in her statements and lots of missing details.

Ford admitted during the Senate testimony, she doesn’t know who paid for her polygraph test regarding sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh.

As she was being asked about the polygraph test and if she was advised by someone to take a polygraph test, her attorney interrupted, and said that information is privileged.

Further, she stated she can’t recall which day she took the polygraph, she wasn’t sure if the polygraph was recorded or not, and that she doesn’t know who paid for the polygraph. (Video Below)

Paul Sperry of Real Clear Politics tweeted:

“BREAKING: Ford’s polygraph expert has been a subcontractor of the Democrat law firm representing Ford in DC. Hanafin’s a “progressive” from Boston who says that when administering polygraphs on “victims” like Ford u automatically “believe them” & don’t ask them specific questions.”

(Video Below)

WATCH BELOW as Ford admits she doesn’t know WHO paid for her polygraph:

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