Right Before The Vote, Lindsey Graham Crushes Dems Playbook For Years To Come

Graham on the Kavanaugh hearing. Photo credit to US4Trump compilation with screen grabs.Graham on the Kavanaugh hearing. Photo credit to US4Trump compilation with screen grabs.

Today as the Senate Judiciary Committee joined together in Chambers on Capitol Hill, when Lindsey Graham spoke – EVERYBODY listened.

You could hear a pin drop – Senator Graham was riveting. And right on target as he fairly assessed what happened with the nomination hearing. (VIDEO BELOW.)

On Friday morning, Lindsey Graham cranked it up AGAIN to SEAR level!

We also found out that the current Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee – Senator Grassley – may be stepping down as Chairperson – and Lindsey Graham may be taking his post next year.

First, Graham said, Kavanaugh “has been at the highest level of public service under tremendous scrutiny.”

“Six FBI investigations…and we MISSED the Sophomore – Junior gang rapist,” Lindsey proclaimed!

“We didn’t miss it. It’s a BUNCH OF GARBAGE,” Graham pointedly pointed out the truth. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Regarding Ms. Ford, “We’re in the twilight zone.” – Lindsey Graham

“All I can say about Ms. Ford, is I feel sorry for her. And I do I believe something happened to her. And I don’t when or where. But. I don’t believe it was with Kavanaugh,” he stated.

Specifically, Senator Graham laid down why Kavanaugh is not guilty. He said, “and as a prosecutor – you couldn’t get out of the batter’s box. Because in America – before you  can accuse somebody of a crime …. you have to tell them when it happened and where it happened. And you have to prove it did happen.”

Furthermore, he continued, “this case will never be brought in Maryland or anywhere else – you just can’t get there.”  (VIDEO BELOW.)

“I’ve been doing this legal stuff most of my life. I’ve never heard a more compelling defense of one’s honor and integrity than I did from Brett Kavanaugh,” he said.

The bottom line to all of this are the 2018 Midterms. The Democrats want to delay the nomination in hopes they take over the House and Senate. So they can install a non-Constitutionalist Justice to swing the balance of the court to liberal.

WATCH Lindsey Graham tell why “we are living in the Twilight Zone!”

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