Lindsey Graham Traumatizes Kav Nomination ‘Hijackers’ When Announcing What’s Next

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Sunday, Maria Bartiromo was joined by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) in an explosive interview after Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Ford testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday.

Surrounding the testimony of Christine Ford, Democrats have some explaining to do, and Republicans are getting to the bottom of it. (Video Below)

During the interview on Sunday, Lindsey Graham said the vote is gonna happen this week to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh after the supplemental FBI investigation is completed, which should be ready Monday or Tuesday.

Graham continues his support for Kavanaugh and expressed that he deserves to be confirmed as he’s a good man and the best choice President Trump made in his view.

The South Carolina Senator proceed to explain to the viewers what is next to come for the democrats after the charades they pulled.

(Video Below)

Lindsey Graham Traumatizes Kav Nomination ‘Hijackers’ When Announcing What’s Next

Graham bluntly told Maria Bartiromo during the interview, “Here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to ask Sen. Grassley (R-IA) to get to the bottom of how this hearing process was so hijacked: the unethical aspects of it, the slash and burn aspects to delay it, and to abuse…. I think, Dr. Ford’s trust.”

“We’re going to start with the following concept: Dr. Ford said at the hearing that she did not know the committee was willing to come to California to take her testimony in a private setting.” Graham said.

He read off Ford’s statement during the hearing where she admitted she didn’t know about the Committee reaching out to her. (Video Below)

Lindsey Graham followed by explaining in detail what the committee did to reach out to her and the efforts they took to get her testimony.

He declared that he is going to find out why Dr. Ford didn’t know her options, along with finding out who in Feinstein’s staff recommended Katz for Dr. Ford’s lawyer, and if it’s improper for Senators to recommend lawyers to constituents.

He also noted he’s going to find out who betrayed Dr. Ford’s trust to remain anonymous. The only people that had the letter was Sen. Feinstein, her staff, and Ford’s lawyers.

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“No friend sent this out to the press, no friend would do this to her.” Graham said. “The person who betrayed her trust had a political agenda.”

“I’m going to get to the bottom of it. I want to find out who on the Democratic side leaked an anonymous letter!” He declared.

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Boom. The democrats have another coming. Lindsey Graham isn’t taking it and standing up to their obstruction.

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