McConnell Shows Some Backbone, Hurls Dems Goalpost Back To The Pee Wee League

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On Monday, Mitch McConnell took to the Senate floor and laid into Democrats over their ridiculous behavior throughout the course of Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation process.

Democrats have gotten everything they’ve asked for as part of their stall tactics, including a 7th FBI investigation into Kavanaugh. However, their goalposts keep shifting. And that is exactly what McConnell stressed in what was one of his strongest takedowns since Kavanaugh was nominated. Video Below

McConnell pointed out how nothing is good enough to appease Democrats as they are trying everything they can think of to obstruct Kavanaugh’s confirmation. And he predicted that even after the FBI investigation, “the goalpost will move once again.”

Mitch said, “Their goalposts keep shifting. But their goal hasn’t moved an inch. Not an inch.”

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McConnell then questioned Democrats ultimate motive behind their tactics and asked, “Do these actions suggest this has ever been about finding the truth? Anybody believe that?” Continued Below

McConnell accused Democrats of seeking from the beginning an “indefinite” and “unbounded fishing expedition” in order to push Kavanaugh’s confirmation process past the November midterms.

But he shoved their hopes aside after declaring in his speech that “the time for endless delay and obstruction has come to a close” as he promised there will be a vote sometime this week.

McConnell’s best wish out of any of the Kavanaugh drama is that the real issue will come to light. Mitch said, “Maybe we’ll hear the real issue is not these uncorroborated allegations of misconduct after all, but rather the fact that Judge Kavanaugh…drank beer in high school, and in college. Or the fact he was rightfully angry. Who wouldn’t be? That his good name and his family have been dragged through the mud with a campaign of character assassination based on allegations that lacked any corroboration.” Video Below

Mitch McConnell Rips Dems Over Their Kavanaugh Treatment

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