HAPPENING NOW: Trump Issues A 9th Circuit Payback To Feinstein & Harris

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Democrats were delivered another blow on Friday, as President Trump detoured their advice before making a crucial step to fill three vacant seats on the 9th circuit court. Trump nominated Patrick Bumatay, Daniel Collins and Kenneth Kiyul Lee, all who are from California.

The move comes on the heals of a grueling confirmation process of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, where Republicans accused Democrats of character assassination.

According to Fox News, it’s traditional for Presidents to seek the advice of Senators from the home state of judicial nominees before finalizing the decision.

Considering the fact that Democrat Senators Kamala Harris and Diane Feinstein are the Senators of the state where all three nominated judges are from, Trump decided to follow through without their advice.

Feinstein and Harris both reacted in outrage after hearing the news of Trump’s decision

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As per Fox News, Feinstein said, “I repeatedly told the White House I wanted to reach an agreement on a package of 9th Circuit nominees, but last night the White House moved forward without consulting me, picking controversial candidates from its initial list and another individual with no judicial experience who had not previously been suggested.”

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Harris released a statement via her spokesperson that said, “Instead of working with our office to identify consensus nominees for the 9th Circuit, the White House continues to try to pack the courts with partisan judges who will blindly support the president’s agenda, instead of acting as an independent check on this administration.” 

If confirmed to the 9th Circuit Court, the new justices will help equalize the court system in Trump’s favor. Afterall, the 9th Circuit has tried to over rule countless orders executed by the President only to be denied by the Supreme Court. This is why Republicans have labeled them “The Nutty 9th.”

Days of the court trying to obstruct Trump’s agenda may very well be soon behind us.

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