Candace Owens Leads The Charge, Explains Why #BLEXIT Can’t Be Stopped

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Candace Owens is a conservative millennial who is truly unafraid to speak out and tell America about her experience and growth with “being Republican” in today’s culture.

In an exclusive with Brietbart News, Candace tells her story first hand. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Candace tweeted her thoughts on #BLEXIT (Black Exit).

Candace is a HUGE supporter of President Trump, conservative values, and has urged young voters to consider the Republican party as opposed to the Democratic party.

She tweeted a message that has to have the Democrats crying. “For decades, the black community has been in an emotionally abusive relationship with the Democrat Party,” Candace wrote.

She continued, “READ about #BLEXIT in my own words and please let me know what you guys think. #WeTheFree.” She then refers us to the exclusive piece on Brietbart. To read about her unique journey click here.

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The Youth Black Leadership Summit 2018 met this week in D.C.

Of course, Candace was in the middle of the Summit! Donald Trump Jr. spoke to the group as well, as did President Trump.

The photograph below shows Donald J. Trump as Chris Wright wrote, “Trump Jr. brought the house down at the first nights event!!!” Hat tip to Chris Wright who attended the summit and posted this photograph on his public Facebook page. Thank you Chris!

The group promises an exit toward the Republican party because of their tight relationship with the values the Republican party represents.

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BBC  reported on President Trump’s speech to the black youth leadership group: 

“Young black conservatives wore Make America Great Again caps and chanted the president’s name at the White House. Mr Trump won just 8% of the African American vote in the 2016 presidential election and critics accuse him of stoking racial tensions,” the BBC reported.

Then they said, “But he told the activists that the black community was more interested in the economy than race.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

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