Six Days Before Midterms, Trump Drops Off A Pair Of Doozies That Will Haunt Dems At The Polls

President Trump drops off a pair of doozies ahead of the 2018 Midterms. Image Source: Video Screen Shot. Compilation

Ahead of the November 6th midterms, the President is set to visit 11 more cities in 6 days stumping for Republican candidates helping to get out the vote.

He is also exposing the Democrats crazy behavior and mentality while encouraging voters to get out and vote Republican. (Videos Below)

President Trump isn’t afraid to call it like he see’s it, and with 6 days remaining till the midterms, he is exposing democrats mob rule and their hatred for him and America.

Trump dropped off two videos on his Twitter Wednesday afternoon adding, “#JOBSNOTMOBS! VOTE REPUBLICAN NOW!!”

The first video shows two choices on November 6th when you cast your vote.

It begins with the “GOP’s America” showing job creation, an economic boom, wage increases, a higher GDP at 4.1%, lowest unemployment rate in decades, and overall a booming economy with continuous growth. (Videos Below)


Next, the video shows the “left’s America.”

The video shows Antifa running the streets with their flags, Trump supporters beat up, windows smashed, riots, chaos, and Maxine Waters urging people to get out and push back.

The video continues with Maxine Waters voice screaming in the background, “Tell them they’re not welcome here!” Eric Holder is shown next telling people to “kick them.” Then, it shows protesters actually fighting with Trump supporters. It ends with Crooked Hillary saying, “That’s when civility can start again.” (Videos Below)


President Trump dropped off a second video writing, “It is outrageous what the Democrats are doing to our Country. Vote Republican now!

The video begins showing illegal immigrant Luis Bracamontes laughing about killing cops while saying “he will break out [of prison] and kill more soon.”

According to Wikipedia, in 2014, Bracamontes opened fire on three Northern California sheriff’s deputies, killing two and wounding the third. He was an illegal immigrant, and had been previously deported twice. He was deported in 1997 after being convicted in Arizona on charges of possessing narcotics for sale, and was arrested and deported to Mexico again in 2001. The cop killer was given the the death penalty.

The video goes on to show big bold letters that reads “Democrats Let Him Into Our Country.”

Next, it shows the Caravan trying to come to the United States southern border and breaking down the Mexico border gate. Some are being interviewed and one man admits he wants to come to America after being charged with murder.

The video slams democrats for wanting open borders and not vetting who is coming into our country.

It ends with letting us know that President Trump and Republicans want to “Make America Safe Again.”

(Videos Below)

WATCH The Two Videos Below: 

Make the right choice. VOTE RED!

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