After Kav Refuses $600k Raised For Him, Proceeds Get Donated To Next Best Option

Justice Kavanaugh declines Go Fund Me funds. Photo credit to US4Trump compilation with screen shots.Justice Kavanaugh declines Go Fund Me funds. Photo credit to US4Trump compilation with screen shots.

Tuesday, reports surfaced that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh turned down over $600k that had been raised for him and his family after the mob-style treatment he received during his confirmation hearings.

The GoFundMe page had been set up by “John Hawkins, the well-known conservative,” as reported by the Daily Wire. It had reached $611,645 with the 13,250 small donors averaging about $50. (MORE BELOW.)

The difference between conservative Justice Kavanaugh and the Democrats.

Justice Kavanaugh refused the money. It was that simple for him.

Specifically, Justice Kavanaugh wrote a statement and cited because he “did not authorize the use of his name to raise funds in connection with the GoFundMe campaign.”

And Hawkins, who is also a conservative, shut the page down the day Justice Kavanaugh was confirmed on October 6th.

Hawkins responded, “The money will be donated. He announced, “we’re going to split the money between three of their programs: The Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) , the Tuition Assistance Fund , and the Victory Youth Center”. (MORE BELOW.)

Kavanaugh donated his 600k to charity. Chirstine Blasey Ford will accept her over$840k.

Which brings us to Christine Blasey Ford, who is keeping the $840k donated to her in her name after her legal fees.

Slate reported, “But if Ford ends up making a hefty profit once her expenses are covered, which it looks like she almost certainly will, that will be a major loss for the anti-rape organizations that could have bankrolled survivor support programs with those funds.”

“Ford’s acceptance of the money also feeds into the time-honored canard that women lie about sex crimes to get money and fame,” Slate continued. (MORE BELOW.)

See Tom Fitton’s tweet below: 

“Brett Kavanaugh Turns Down Over $600K Raised By GoFundMe Page. Justice Kavanaugh and his family will have to personally bear the legal fees caused by the leftist lying smear campaign against him.”

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