Meadows Stumbles Upon An Alarming Discovery, Announces What Steps DOJ Must Take Next

Mark Meadows called out FBI for tapes on Papadopoulos. Photo credit to US4Trump compilation with screen shots.Mark Meadows called out FBI for tapes on Papadopoulos. Photo credit to US4Trump compilation with screen shots.

Mark Meadows (R-NC) is running circles around the Mueller probe attorneys. He has them chasing their tails, after he discovered the FBI may have TAPED George Papadopoulos.

That’s right, folks. The FBI under disgraced Director, James Comey has been exposed for secret transcriptions which equal a secret taping. (MORE BELOW.)

The corrupt Obama-era FBI has been caught red-handed doing the Democrat’s bidding.

As reported by the Daily Caller, “the FBI may have secretly recorded former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos.”

George was the then 28-year old Trump campaign policy adviser who was entangled in the Democrat’s plan. They needed to achieve a reason to secure a FISA warrant in order to spy on the 2016 Trump Presidential campaign. And, it appears George was their unwitting stool pigeon.

George “Papadopoulos was approached by at least one FBI informant, Stefan Halper, during the 2016 campaign,” reported the DC.

Specifically, with the information from those meeting(s), the FBI used it – allegedly – to get the FISA warrant so they could wiretap the campaign. (MORE BELOW.)

Meadows called for the FBI to RELEASE THE PAPA TAPES.

After the Witch Hunt team nailed George for 14 days for lying to the FBI, he met with Congress and he was very honest about his treatment from the Mueller gang.

As a result, Meadows and the other Congressmen had more questions than answers. The Chair of the Freedom Caucus is not slowing down one bit and he’s going after the TRUTH on how the Mueller probe got started.

In a post on Twitter, Meadows called on the Department of Justice to release any tapes that might exist to the American public. (MORE BELOW.) 

See tweet below: 

“Over several interviews, we’ve learned information suggesting the FBI secretly transcribed, and even taped, George Papadopoulos in 2016,” wrote Meadows, the chairman of the House Freedom Caucus and a member of a congressional task force investigating the FBI’s handling of the Trump-Russia probe.


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