Protesters Get Shut Down At TN Rally As Trump Supporters Wage A Unifying Chant

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It’s nothing short of high-energy mayhem in Chattanooga, TN, as Trump supporters flocked together for Sunday’s special appearance of the President alongside Senate candidate Marsha Blackburn.

A sea of red was spotted outside of Chattanooga’s McKenzie Arena hours before doors opened for the blockbuster rally along with a handful of protesters who flocked around the massive crowd.

It’s not a classic Trump rally without the existence of protesters!

Footage was captured of the immense crowd, who appeared to be calm and enjoying themselves as they waited for the doors of the arena to open. But, of course, protesters attempted to stoke chaos by chanting nonsense in the direction of the crowd, while holding their signs.

Protesters could be heard chanting, “One struggle, one fight, Chattanoogans all unite!”  But it was no match for the enormous MAGA crowd as they started a chant of their own!

Videos Below

Anti-Trump Protesters Chanting In The Direction of Supporters While Holding Their Signs (Video)

Trump supporters retaliated by yelling one of the biggest “USA” chants captured on video to date. And it was so loud and in sync, the protesters’ chant seemed like a mouse squeak compared to a lion’s roar!

Trump Supporters Heard Chanting “USA!” Back At Anti-Trump Protesters (Video)

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And just for a little icing on the cake, Trump supporters also started chanting “Marsha, Marsha!” that most likely got under the protesters’ skin even more.

Video Of Trump Supporters Chanting “Marsha!”

Two new polls show Marsha Blackburn with a comfortable lead as the race for Tennessee’s senate seat comes down to the wire. And Trump’s appearance on Sunday will help boost her closer to the finish line.

After his appearance in Chattanooga, Trump is set to make final appearances in Ohio, Indiana and Missouri on Monday before Tuesday’s high-stakes election.

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