King Of Morocco Zonks Out During Macron’s Speech, Trump’s Reaction Is Classic

Image Source: Video Screen Shot.

On Sunday, President Trump and First Lady Melania wrapped up their trip to France, but not before attending an Armistice Day event with other world leaders at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

The event marked the centennial anniversary of the end of World War I, as there was a series of readings and songs that related to the end of World War I. (Video Below)

During the ceremony on Sunday, French President Emmanuel Macron was giving a speech in front of the world leaders.

While Macron was speaking, the world leaders listened, expect for one who was caught falling asleep next to First Lady Melania Trump.

King Mohammed VI of Morocco is seen in a video falling asleep that is circulating social media, and President Trump’s reaction is priceless.

If you haven’t laughed today, you’re in for a good one. (Video Below)

The video zooms in on King Mohammed VI of Morocco where he is seen closing his eyes during the ceremony.

Morocco is oblivious to the stare President Trump is giving him as the remembrance ceremony in Paris goes on.

President Trump was not impressed with the sleepy Moroccan King. (Video Below)

King Of Morocco Zonks Out During Macron’s Speech, Trump’s Reaction Is Classic

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