Pres Trump Opens Up On What To Expect After Answering Mueller Team’s Questions

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After months of going back and forth with attorneys, President Trump said Friday that he has completed the questions that the Mueller probe team prepared for him.

President Trump emphasized that he wrote the answers himself and he had “just finished,” per Axios. (VIDEO BELOW.) 

President Trump answers the Mueller questions, but is it a trap?

The Mueller Witch Hunt began in May of 2017 and has cost payers in the tens of millions of dollars. Originally, it was to discover if “foreign government’s efforts to interfere, with primary focus on Russia, during the 2016 presidential election.”

Of course, that premise itself assumes that it was NOT the American people and the electoral college that won the election for Donald J. Trump but rather outside forces.

For months, the Mueller team has been after President Trump to answer questions and then they would wrap up the investigation.

And although, President Trump wanted to answer the questions, his attorney’s advised against it because they feared the Mueller team wanted to set a perjury trap for the President of the United States of America. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Reporters go to the Oval Office on Friday. And it’s all about the ‘collusion delusion.’

As the reporters gathered in the office of the most powerful man in the world, President Trump was asked about the Mueller questions. He responded, “I haven’t submitted them yet…I just finished them,” per Fox News.

Fox News reported, “The answers concern questions about whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russian officials during the 2016 presidential campaign. The president has repeatedly denied any such collusion with Moscow.”

“I was asked a series of questions. I’ve answered them very easily,” Trump said, adding one has to “always be careful when you answer questions with people that probably have bad intentions,” the President told the Fox reporter. (VIDEO BELOW.)

WATCH the video below as President Trump discusses answering the Mueller team’s questions.

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