After Comey Vows To ‘Resist’ The Subpoena Due To Leaks, Fitton Puts Him In His Place

Tom Fitton rats out Comey on his hypocrisy. Photo credit to US4Trump compilation with screen shots.Tom Fitton rats out Comey on his hypocrisy. Photo credit to US4Trump compilation with screen shots.

Disgraced former FBI Director, James Comey has been subpoenaed by the 115th Congress to answer questions for the American people. And none other than America’s watch dog, Tom Fitton, points out what Comey did to earn the title of disgraced.

Fox News reported, “Republicans have subpoenaed him to appear before a closed-door meeting of the House Judiciary Committee early next month,” on December 3rd. (VIDEO BELOW.) 

Comey resists the subpoena claiming he only wants a PUBLIC hearing.

Comey tweeted on Thursday, “Happy Thanksgiving. Got a subpoena from House Republicans. I’m still happy to sit in the light and answer all questions.”

The disgraced former FBI Director continued, “but I will resist a “closed door” thing because I’ve seen enough of their selective leaking and distortion. Let’s have a hearing and invite everyone to see.”

Bob Goodlatte, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee; however, stated that “we want to complete this investigation.”

Further, Goodlatte said, “Then we will make all of the transcribed interviews available to the public, so that they can see exactly what we’ve been investigating. But, we’re not going to have him testify in PUBLIC so that other people can SEE him testify and suddenly, their testimony seems to match up with his.” (VIDEO BELOW.) 

Tom Fitton tells us WHY Comey cannot be trusted in a PUBLIC setting.

Fitton explained why Comey has earned the title of ‘Disgraced former FBI Director’. He tweeted, “Mr. Comey stole and leaked @RealDonaldTrump’s FBI files in order to, by his own admission, get a special counsel appointed.”

And there you have it folks, the hypocrisy alone of Comey saying the House Republican’s selectively leak is absolutely astounding.

To have a public hearing would be a circus. Just like they made a circus out of the Kavanaugh hearings. Do you agree? (VIDEO BELOW.)

WATCH as Fox News reviewed the Comey subpoena and Goodlatte’s response:

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