Judge Jeanine Foils Hillary’s Political Plot For Recently Condemning Immigration

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On Saturday night, Judge Jeanine Pirro laid her focus on Hillary Clinton after her recent surprising reversal on immigration.

In a recent statement, Clinton said that Europe should no longer offer refuge and support for migrants. And Judge Jeanine got to the bottom of what she thinks is the motive behind this latest flip-flop.

Hillary’s new stance on immigration is shocking, to say the least, as it is completely opposite of her campaign ideology along with that of Democrats’ current stance on immigration, where they push the open-door concept.

Judge Jeanine sarcastically put forth several logical possibilities as to why someone would change their mind on immigration, citing economical ramifications and the need for law and order. But in the end, Jeanine says this is nothing but another “Clinton Two-Step,” a flip-flop that is selfishly in her best political interest.

Judge Jeanine points out that Hillary wants Europe to now throw migrants under the political bus only because doing so leads to “political turmoil.” In other words, Hillary believes the left’s stance on immigration is “the flame” that has led to the rise of the populist right, such as Trump supporters and the Brits who pushed for Brexit.

And the battle on immigration is one that Hillary is willing to concede in her latest statement. It’s a signal to the left to give up on the issue, according to Jeanine. Video Below

Jeanine proved Hillary still has the vision that the right is nothing but “stupid” and “deplorable” when she quoted Clinton saying, “(Right-wing populists) met a psychological as much as political yearning to he told what to do and where to go and how to live and have their press basically stifled and so be given one version of reality.”

Judge Jeanine concluded, “There has been no revelation. She [Hillary Clinton] hasn’t seen the light. It’s pure political calculus. It’s the classic Clinton Two-Step.”

And after signaling that this flip-flop is likely only a move to boost Hillary’s base for a potential 2020 run, Judge Jeanine ended by saying, “Hillary, the only place you need to run is back into the woods!” Video Below

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