A Look Inside: First Lady Melania Gives A Special Tour Of The White House Christmas Decor

Image Source: Video Screen Shot. Us4Trump.com Compilation

First Lady Melania Trump gave Fox and Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt a behind-the-scenes look at the White House Christmas decorations, and she shared her special Christmas message to America.

She looked spectacular in a classy mint green dress with lightly circled hair and smokey makeup while giving the Christmas White House tour. (Video Below)

The First Lady greeted Ainsley Earhardt at the beginning of their tour with a cheery Merry Christmas as they walked through the Cross Hall and Grand Foyer.

The First Lady said they had over 6,000 applications and around 230 volunteers who set up the decorations in six days. She added that they started planning in July and made it priority to choose volunteers in the military and those who represent military families.

While strolling the halls of the White House, Melania explained that the color red of the decorations represents bravery, heart, and patriotism.

White and blue decorations dazzled in the Foyer where it represents patriotism. “It reminds us of the American flag.” Melania proudly said. (Video Below)

Next, they visited the East Room of the White House where the First Lady showed of decorations that represented “diversity of the cities of the Untied States.”

A manger displayed during their tour where Melania explained that it was the 51st year displayed in the White House.

Every year the White House displays a different theme, and this year represents “American Treasures.” First Lady Melania proclaimed. (Video Below)

In the Harvest Room, Melania decorated the room in fruits, greens, and vegetables where she described “it’s what America produces.” Anisley pointed out “farmers.”

Side by side, the First Lady showed Ainsley the official White House Christmas Tree where it handsomely stood 18 feet tall with glamorous decorations representing all 50 states.

Afterwards, Melania showed off her “Be Best” decorations that lay in garland and formed a wreath. She also pointed out other decor that represented how each child can excel in their own path. They differed in arts, sports, and technology.

The two walked to the State Room where decorations displayed national symbols showing off bald eagles and a white ginger bread house that replicated the White House. (Video Below)

Ainsley asked the First Lady if she had a Christmas message for America, and Melania proudly smiled and responded, “I do.”

“I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and happy holidays, prosperous, and peaceful new year.” First Lady Melania gracefully said.

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Watch below as Melania Trump gives her tour of the White House Christmas decor:

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