Pres Trump Expresses Optimism With The Latest Mueller Probe Revelations: ‘Very Happy!’

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On Saturday, members of the media caught up with President Trump before boarding his helicopter en route to the Army-Navy football game.

Trump confirmed White House Chief Of Staff John Kelly will he leaving at the end of the year and his decision on who will be replacing him will be announced within the next couple of days. But what stood out most on Trump’s brief statement was his optimism on the Mueller probe. Video Below

Trump was upbeat on the status of the Mueller investigation that he is often seen and heard criticizing. (Related Article: Right Before The Hearing, Trump Exposes Comey & Team Mueller’s ‘Conflicts Of Interest’)

The President said, “On the Mueller situation, we are very happy with what we are reading because there was no collusion what so ever. There never has been. The last thing I want is help from Russia on a campaign.”

He added, “You should ask Hillary Clinton about Russia because she financed the fake dossier. She tried to get some information and help from Russia. But you can ask them about that. Very one-sided situation, but I think it’s all turning around very nicely.”

Before shifting to conversation to John Kelly, Trump pointed out what he has said all along, which is, “There was absolutely no collusion.” Video Below

President Trump Discusses New White House Shake-ups And  Mueller Probe Revelations (VIDEO)

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