Despite Gloomy Weather, Pres Trump Honors Fallen Soldiers During ‘Wreaths Across America’ Day

Image: Video Screen Shot

President Trump paid a visit to Arlington National Cemetery to honor America’s fallen as thousands across the country laid wreaths on veterans’ graves.

The event, which is held every December, aims to “remember, honor, and teach” about those who served, and perished, fighting for America’s freedom. In addition to Arlington National Cemetery, Wreaths Across America Day is observed at more than 1,400 cemeteries in all 50 states, as well as at sea and abroad, the Daily Caller reports. (Video Below)

The Commander in Chief paid his respects Saturday during a day of remembrance and honor despite gloomy weather. Volunteers for ‘Wreaths Across America‘ waited in long lines to place Christmas wreaths on the tombs of America’s greatest heroes.

The President visited Arlington National Cemetery after the wreath-laying event began. He took part in a special and intimate ceremony holding his own umbrella, in the rain and wind, and witnessed firsthand the wreaths that were given to America’s veterans.

He praised Wreaths Across America organizers and the volunteers for their dedicated and honorable work.

“They do a great job, a really great job. Thank you.” The President said. (Video Below)


(H/T Daily Caller)

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