Right After Nancy Takes Speaker, Pres Trump Drops More Pressure On The Wall & Border Security

Image Source: Video Screen Shots. Us4Trump Compilation

As the House took over on Thursday afternoon and Nancy Pelosi swore in as House Majority Speaker, President Trump took to Twitter dropping a video that should concern all Americans on both sides of the party about border security.

The border should be a bipartisan issue, and it was, until Trump became President. (Video Below)

President Trump dropped a video on Twitter showing the crisis on the border as the partial government shutdown continues.

The video began with the Caravan throwing rocks and storming the border.

In bold letters the video says, “crime, drugs, and lawlessness.”

Next, it shows Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer where he said in 2009, “Illegal immigration is wrong. Plain and simple.” (Video Below)

The video continued to show President Trump at the border when he looked at wall prototypes in California in March last year, and in the background he is heard saying, “We will build the wall.”

A crowd chants “build the wall” from a rally, and bold letters flash across the screen that reads: “build the wall.”

The President is keeping up the fight to protect the safety of America and is not backing down on his promise. (Video Below)

President Trump’s Tweet:

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We are so blessed to have a President who cares about America and the safety of all Americans.

God Bless President Trump!

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