McCabe Says ‘We Don’t Know’ If Russians Ordered Comey’s Firing, Nunes Fires Back: ‘Tinfoil Hat Alert!’

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Former Acting FBI Director, Andrew McCabe, appeared on The View to promote his new book and answered more questions regarding situations that took place in his final days at the FBI.

During his time on the program, McCabe faced the toughest questions from Meghan McCain, who went as far as asking him if he was the anonymous New York Times writer.

At one point, McCain asked McCabe: “Do you actually believe Russians ordered Trump to fire Comey?

McCabe stunningly responded,  “We don’t know and we certainly didn’t know at the time.”

It was the latest of a string of wild claims by McCabe that shows just how caught up in the Russian collusion narrative he was during his time in the FBI and still to this day. Afterall, Rod Rosenstein is the one who recommended in a memo for Comey to be fired.

Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) fired back at McCabe after seeing the video clip, which can be seen below.

McCabe Claims “We Don’t Know” If Russians Ordered Comey To Be Fired

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Nunes responded to McCabe’s latest wild statement suggesting Russian collusion behind Comey’s firing.

He said, “Tinfoil hat alert! After nearly 3 years of investigating-top investigator still can’t answer basic question. Perhaps they need DNC to produce another dossier to show them the pathway to Russia.” See Below

Devin Nunes Fires Back At McCabe

BOOM! Devin Nunes hits McCabe AND the DNC with another SAVAGE STRIKE!

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