Trump Breaks His Silence On Special Counsel’s Report As Barr Releases Findings: ‘This Was An Illegal Takedown That Failed’

On Sunday, President Trump told reporters that the release of a summary of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe findings represented a “complete and total exoneration,” calling it “an illegal takedown that failed.”

This is great day for America as the President is cleared!

President Trump said as he prepared to head back to Washington,”So after a long look, after a long investigation, after so many people have been so badly hurt, after not looking at the other side, where a lot of bad things happened, a lot of horrible things happened, lot of very bad things happened for our country, it was just announced there was no collusion with Russia, the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.”

He continued, “There was no collusion with Russia. There was no obstruction, none whatsoever. It was a complete and total exoneration. It’s a shame that our country had to go through this. To be honest, it’s a shame that your president has had to go through this. Before I even got elected, it began.”

“And it began illegally. And hopefully, somebody’s gonna look at the other side. This was an illegal takedown that failed. And hopefully, somebody’s going to be looking at the other side. So, it’s complete exoneration. No collusion, no obstruction.” He added.

The President also tweeted, “No Collusion, No Obstruction, Complete and Total EXONERATION. KEEP AMERICA GREAT!” (Video Below)

Fox News reports, In a four-page letter to the leaders of the House and Senate Judiciary committees, Attorney General William Barr wrote that Mueller, a former FBI director, “did not find that the Trump campaign, or anyone associated with it, conspired or coordinated with the Russian government” or Russia-linked organizations in either “disinformation and social media operations” or “computer hacking operations designed to gather and disseminate information to influence the [2016] election.”

Shortly after the president spoke, his re-election campaign manager Brad Parscale said in a statement that Trump had been “completely and fully vindicated” by Mueller and that what he called “the Russia collusion conspiracy theory” had been exposed as “the sham that it always was and catching Democrats in an elaborate web of lies and deceit.” Per Fox News.

Republican National Committee Chairman Ronna McDaniel also said that the release of the report’s summary was “a great day for all Americans.” (Video Below)

“As we have said all along, there was no collusion and no obstruction,” McDaniel said. “Now that this investigation is over, Democrats need to finally end their baseless investigations and political crusade against President Trump for the good of the country.”

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Attorney General William Barr’s summary of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe findings are in a letter below.

President Trump’s official statements:

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Official Summary:


Attorney General William Barr’s Summary of Mueller Probe. Courtesy of Fox News

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