In A Series Of Monday Throw Downs, Trump Goes After Cuomo, Dems, Biden, NYT, & Union Leaders

Image Source: Video Screenshots. Us4Trump Compilation

President Trump took to Twitter Monday morning in a series of tweets where he blasted Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY), announcing that people are fleeing the state due to oppression from strict gun law and high taxes.

He further took aim at union leadership after “Sleepy Joe Biden” gets firefighters’ support ahead of his first campaign speech.

New York has indeed seen its population dwindle in recent years, with many native New Yorkers fleeing to red states in order to pay lower taxes. Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has blamed his state’s exodus on the 2017 Republican tax plan, which capped state and local tax deductions at $10,000, reported the Daily Caller.

President Trump wrote, “The NRA is under siege by Cuomo and the New York State A.G., who are illegally using the State’s legal apparatus to take down and destroy this very important organization, & others. It must get its act together quickly, stop the internal fighting, & get back to GREATNESS – FAST!”

He added, “People are fleeing New York State because of high taxes and yes, even oppression of sorts. They didn’t even put up a fight against SALT – could have won. So much litigation. The NRA should leave and fight from the outside of this very difficult to deal with (unfair) State!”

Trump went on to blast Joe Biden ahead of his first campaign speech Monday in Pennsylvania. (Continued Below)

He wrote, “I’ll never get the support of Dues Crazy union leadership, those people who rip-off their membership with ridiculously high dues, medical and other expenses while being paid a fortune. But the members love Trump. They look at our record economy, tax & reg cuts, military etc. WIN!”

Trump continued, “The Media (Fake News) is pushing Sleepy Joe hard. Funny, I’m only here because of Biden & Obama. They didn’t do the job and now you have Trump, who is getting it done – big time!”

He added, “Sleepy Joe Biden is having his first rally in the Great State of Pennsylvania. He obviously doesn’t know that Pennsylvania is having one of the best economic years in its history, with lowest unemployment EVER, a now thriving Steel Industry (that was dead) & great future!” (Continued Below)

Trump then said, “The Dues Sucking firefighters leadership will always support Democrats, even though the membership wants me. Some things never change!”

Biden picked up the endorsement of the Pittsburgh-based International Association of Fire Fighters Local No. 1 earlier Monday morning.

The International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF), a division of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO), formally endorsed Biden in a video statement.

Next, President Trump laughed at Democrats who no longer care about Robert Mueller. He wrote, “Bob Mueller was a great HERO to the Radical Left Democrats. Now that the Mueller Report is finished, with a finding of NO COLLUSION & NO OBSTRUCTION (based on a review of Report by our highly respected A.G.), the Dems are going around saying, “Bob who, sorry, don’t know the man.”

Lastly, the President acknowledged that The New York Times apologized for an anti-Semitic cartoon they ran, but called them out for their continued smears and attacks against him.

He said, “The New York Times has apologized for the terrible Anti-Semitic Cartoon, but they haven’t apologized to me for this or all of the Fake and Corrupt news they print on a daily basis. They have reached the lowest level of “journalism,” and certainly a low point in @nytimes history!” (Continued Below)

President Trump’s official tweets:

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