Comey Says FBI Doesn’t Spy & Repubs Must ‘Breathe Into A Paper Bag’, Kennedy Hits Back: ‘He’s Just A Hack Politician’

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In a recent CBS interview, former disgraced FBI Director James Comey gave his take on Attorney General William Barr stating that President Trump’s campaign was spied on.

Comey said, “I have no idea what he’s talking about. The FBI doesn’t spy, the FBI investigates.”

He added, “We investigated a very serious allegation that Americans might be hooked up with a Russian effort to attack our democracy. The Republicans need to breathe into a paper bag.”

Just minutes after Comey made the statement, Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) hit back during a brief appearance on Fox News.

Kennedy began by stating that it’s clear to most Americans that “Mr. Comey is not and never was a law enforcement professional,” and is really just a “hack politician.”

He went on to say, “I think he’s worried, and he should be, that Mr. Barr and the Inspector General are going to look further into the genesis of the investigation of the Trump campaign and the investigation of the Clinton campaign. And I think they’re gonna find that all roads lead back to Mr. Comey.” Video Below

Kennedy said that he doesn’t know why Comey did what he did, but the extent of damage and tarnishing he imposed on the FBI is “breathtaking.” He then mentioned how Comey is part of the Washington insider, political elite.

“They think they’re smarter than the American people,” Kennedy continued. “They think they’re more virtuous than the American people. They didn’t think the American people in 2016 were smart enough to pick a President. So, Mr. Comey and others tried to put their thumbs on the scale, and he’s hurt a lot of people, and he’s hurt a lot of important institutions to our system of government in the process.”

Finally, Kennedy declared, “I think Mr. Comey is lashing out now because he knows what’s coming.” Video Below


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