Kellyanne RIPS Hillary’s Anti-Trump Graduation Speech: ‘Angry, Bitter, Two-Time Presidential Election Loser’

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While appearing with Jesse Watters on Fox, Kellyanne Conway sounded off on Hillary Clinton’s commencement speech that took place at Hunter College.

Clinton’s speech was generally Anti-Trump in nature, where she attempted to slam the President and his Administration’s agenda.

In her speech, Hillary claimed “our democracy feels far from secure” and that “we are witnessing an assault on the rule of law and foundation of our demacracy.”

She also accused Trump’s Administration of spreading misinformation, defying Congress, and tearing down civil rights, among other things.

Kellyanne began her response to Hillary by stating, “I think in the future somebody should distinguish on whether she’s going to a graduation speech or a funeral, because that sounded like a eulogy. And she also focused on her three favorite subjects: Me, myself and I.”

“Who the heck wants to invite an angry, bitter, two-time Presidential election loser to their graduation to be fed more liberal lies?,” she continued. Video Below

Kelyanne felt bad for many of the graduates there who wanted to hear something positive about their future instead of a negative rant.

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Most importantly, Kellyanne said, “She reminded us why Donald Trump won the election. It sure the heck wasn’t because of Russia. You saw it right there on your TV. And three years later it’s on full display. The bitterness, the angry, the lack of connection with people.” Video Below


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