Chris Wallace Stops Sen. Gillibrand In Her Tracks After Attacking Fox News During Town Hall

[Image Source: Fox News Video Screenshots. Us4Trump Compilation]

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand claimed that a ‘false narrative’ has been created in the abortion debate during a Fox News Town Hall hosted by Chris Wallace on Sunday.

However, while Gillibrand was pandering to the left and defending abortion, she took a swipe directly at Fox News, who was giving her the platform to speak and have an opportunity to be heard on cable’s number one news channel. Chris Wallace immediately stopped her in her tracks.

Asked by a retired pediatric nurse named Susan about her stance on late-term abortions, Gillibrand pivoted and used the platform to an attack on Fox News.

Gillibrand accused Fox of fueling what she called the infanticide “red herring” by devoting 6.5 hours of coverage to the debate.

“What we have created, unfortunately, is a false choice and a false narrative,” Gillibrand claimed. “And Chris, I want to talk about the role that Fox News plays in this because it’s a problem. I can tell you before President Trump gave his State of the Union, Fox News talked about infanticide.”

“Infanticide doesn’t exist,” she insisted. Chris Wallace stepped in and cut her off at that point. (Continued Below)

“Senator, I just want to say, we’ve brought you here for an hour,” Wallace fired back. “We’ve treated you very fairly. I understand that maybe to make your credentials with the Democrats who are not appearing on Fox News you want to attack us. I’m not sure it’s frankly very polite when we’ve invited you to be here.”

“Instead of talking about Fox News why don’t you answer Susan’s question,” Wallace added.

Gillibrand also accused Republicans of creating a “false narrative” that doctors allow healthy babies to die after they are born in order to ease the passage of the “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors” bill, legislation that would make it a felony for a doctor to harm or neglect a baby who survives an attempted abortion, per Fox News. (Video Below)


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