Sen. Kennedy Reacts As Nadler Says He’ll Negotiate With DOJ Without Conditions: ‘This Is All Wicked Crazy’

[Image Source: Fox News Video Screenshot & ABC News Video Screenshot. Compilation]

Senator John Kennedy (R-LA), spoke to anchor Bill Hemmer on Fox News Wednesday where he weighed in “Democrats’ three-year-long “tantrum” over the 2016 election adding that House Democratic leadership is being “abusive”.

This comes as House Judiciary Chairman, Jerry Nadler (D-NY), refused to drop the Attorney General’s contempt vote, which is scheduled for June 11th.

In a letter to Attorney General William Barr Tuesday evening, Nadler urged the Justice Department “to return to the accommodation process without conditions” and said the House was not moving prematurely to punish Barr for failing to comply with the committee’s demands.

“The pace with which we are proceeding is consistent with the exceptional urgency of this matter: an attack on our elections that was welcomed by our President and benefited his campaign, followed by acts of obstruction by the President designed to interfere with the investigation of that attack,” Nadler wrote.

In a letter to Nadler earlier Tuesday, Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd wrote that the Justice Department is “prepared to resume negotiations” with the committee on a narrowed request for special counsel Robert Mueller’s materials “provided that the Committee takes reasonable steps to restore the status quo ante by mooting its May 8 vote and removing any threat of an imminent vote by the House of Representatives to hold the Attorney General in contempt,” reported The Hill.

Sen. John Kennedy reacted to Chairman Nadler’s response in which “he’s willing to negotiate without conditions”, and he fired off: “This is all wicked crazy and it’s wicked abusive,” noting that Congress has to have a legitimate purpose, but some of his Democratic colleagues in leadership have decided to just be “abusive.” (Continued Below)

“They’ve asked the administration for everything but the kitchen sink at the White House, and they may ask for that,” Sen. Kennedy suggested. “And when the White House doesn’t produce it, or Bill Barr doesn’t produce it, all of sudden they resort this apocalypticism where ‘it’s the end of western order and we got a Constitutional crisis.’ And, nobody believes that.”

He went on to say that there are some members of the House leadership whose “only mission in life is to demonize the President.”

“We’re going into the third year they’ve been throwing a tantrum over the election result. They need to leave the man alone, let him be President. They can vote against him in a year and a half, they can campaign against him,” Kennedy urged. (Continued Below)


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