Catherine Herridge Discloses How John Durham’s Investigation Is ‘Accelerating’

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On Friday, Catherine Herridge gave an exclusive update of John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the Russia probe.

Herridge has heard from sources that “the investigation into the investigators is accelerating” as Durham has been meeting with Attorney General William Barr on “multiple occasions.”

Other sources are quoted as telling Herridge that Durham is “very dialed in, asking all the right questions about alleged surveillance abuse in 2016 and how a warrant was obtained for Trump campaign aid Carter Page.”

Herridge said the warrant being looked at relied heavily on the Clinton/DNC funded Steele Dossier that was unverified, which contradicts statements made by former FBI officials who claim the warrant came from a “mosaic” of information.

Catherine then highlighted Attorney General Barr’s public remarks that indicated he now has more questions than answers after reviewing initial information on the matter.

She also revealed how House Republicans tried to “tee up” investigations into those who were strongly tied to the dossier, including Glen Simpson, Bruce Ohr and Nellie Ohr. Video Below

Herridge said, “Last month, Republican Congressman Mark Meadows made a criminal referral for Nellie Ohr over other discrepancies.”

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She concluded, “Durham will handle any prosecution of criminal acts if he uncovers them.” Video Below


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