Bill O’Reilly Indicates How Dems Are ‘Embracing Self-Destruction’ By Bringing John Dean In To Testify

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Former Nixon White House Counsel and convicted felon, John Dean, is set to testify in front of the House Judiciary Committee on Monday, in what is expected to be the first of a string of hearings designed to help drum up Democrats’ call for impeachment.

Bill O’Reilly sees right through Democrats’ strategy of bringing Dean front-and-center and explained how it is not a very wise move on their part if they want to be taken seriously.

In a series of tweets quoting an article he wrote, O’Reilly said, “With the announcement that the House Judiciary Committee investigating President Trump for something, anything will call Watergate criminal John Dean to testify pretty much dissolves any seriousness the committee might have envisioned.”

He continued, “Dean is a CNN commentator who despises Donald Trump.  He also could not possibly know anything about the President’s conduct as he has absolutely no access to the Trump administration.”

O’Reilly then slammed Chairman Jerry Nadler for deciding to bring Dean in for testimony and how it’s a total waste of tax dollars.

He said, “Democrats seem to be embracing self-destruction as every fair-minded American knows Jerry Nadler, John Dean and that crew are political zealots who have nothing but vengeance on their minds. And we are paying for this!” Video Below

Bill O’Reilly’s Official Tweets (Video Below)

In ending, here is video of Jason Chaffetz slamming Nadler for “running a clown show”.

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