During The Hearing, Jordan Exposes How John Dean Helped ‘Obstruct’ Committee Work Of Republicans

Jim Jordan, John DeanVideo Screen Shots

Jim Jordan implicated John Dean in another form of obstruction while facing off with him at Monday’s hearing.

Jordan asked, “Did you give advice to Lanny Davis or Michael Cohen prior to Michael Cohen’s testimony to Congress?” Dean replied, “No.”

Jordan proved that response was false after pointing out that on the night before Cohen’s testimony, Dean said on a show that he had talked to Lanny Davis and recommended that Cohen should hold his testimony for as long as possible from Republicans on the Committee.

After acknowledging what Jordan was referring to, Dean said, “I didn’t say it directly to Mr. Cohen, was your question.”

Jordan clarified his initial question, and Dean replied, “Yea, I have known Lanny Davis for almost a couple decades, and we have talked about it. And I did say, ‘As soon as you turn your testimony over, it will be picked apart.'”

Jordan responded by saying, “So you instructed Michael Cohen’s lawyer to keep information from Republicans to obstruct the committee work that we were doing in the oversight committee just a few months ago?” Video Below

Dean said he “didn’t quite phrase it that way,” to which Jordan fired back, “Well, you know what? They took your advice.”

Jordan stated that Cohen did keep his testimony from Republicans for “as long as possible.” On top of that, Jordan said Cohen lied to Congress “seven times” during that particular testimony.

With that said, Jordan slammed Nadler and others on the Committee for bringing in convicted liar Cohen as their first witness, and then turning around and bringing in Dean, who was convicted of obstruction, as their second witness. Video Below


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