Jason Chaffetz On John Dean’s Testimony: ‘What Jerry Nadler Is Doing Is Running A Clown Show’

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In wake of John Dean’s scheduled testimony, Jason Chaffetz took a moment to slam House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler and how he is practically running the committee as a “clown show.”

In a Friday interview, Chaffetz claimed Dean’s testimony amounts to “nothing,” is really just a “made-for-CSPAN event,” and is “sensationalism at best.”

He said, “The House seems to be bringing convicted felons before to somehow give testimony that’s going to be compelling. He can shed no light on the immediate situation–no light on what happened during this event.”

“It’s disgraceful,” Chaffetz continued. “What Jerry Nadler is doing is running a clown show–buckets of chicken, convicted felons, and people who know nothing about the case at hand.”

Chaffetz said Trump’s case is non-comparable to what happened in Watergate, as unlike the Nixon Administration, Trump encouraged his Administration to cooperate with the special counsel’s investigation and was highly transparent.

He declared, “Donald Trump should be winning awards from the Sunlight Foundation and for others for being as open and transparent as it was. He really should be winning awards.” Video Below


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